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Dear friend,


Did you know that “games” is one of the top 5 most searched for subjects on all major search engines?


Well, it’s true.


Now here’s another question for you:


Have you ever wondered how you could leverage the incredible popularity of Internet games to send your online profits skyrocketing?


Well, if you haven’t … you definitely should.


The truth is Internet games can be a profit goldmine! Here are just five ways you could make money providing Internet games:



  1. In-game Advertisement Network

This is a new, exciting way to make money online and if you act now you could get in on the ground floor!
Here’s how it works: you get money from ads that run in the games themselves! That’s right, when players click on or view ads that appear in the games they are playing, you, as the site owner, will get paid.


This exciting new advertising method is sweeping the Internet (Barack Obama even ran in-game ads during his campaign for president!). Gamers have proven to be a very responsive market – and as a result this could be a great way for you to explode your profits!


Take a look at what I earned through an in-game advertisement network from both ads in my games and website revenue share:





And a powerful in-game advertisement network is not the only way to make money providing games online. You can make money these ways:



  1. Game-Related CPA (Cost-per-Action) Ads

    Many game companies will pay you a set amount of money for each and every person who takes the desired action of their ad, for example that signs up for their business for free or buys one of their virtual products.

    Also, there are game companies who will pay you a commission from games sales or game rentals.

    Here is an example of the profit potential of a CPA offer:

    At time of writing, Aeria games is paying $1.20 commission for every person who submits their email address and password to create an account for any of the following games – Grand Fantasia, Last Chaos and Kingdom Heroes

    So if just 30 people per day (which I believe is realistic with even very low traffic to your game website) enter their name and password that means you’ll make $36 per day or $1080 a month!

    Not bad at all for getting people to just leave an email address and password – they don’t have to actually buy anything!

    And this is just one offer for one website with low traffic … if your website gets larger traffic watch out … your profits will explode!

  2. Game-Related Affiliate Offers

    Affiliate offers are a hugely popular (they’re even more popular than CPA in some markets) way to boost your online income.

    Here’s how the offers typically work: you offer your site visitors the chance to play other companies’ games for free and you receive money for each lead or sale that is generated.

    Here is an example:

    GameFly (gamefly.com) at the time of  this writing is paying $25 per referral to their FREE TRIAL game rental service and then, on top of that, an unlimited 10% commission for online purchases.

    Just imagine how easy it is to get players to sign up for a free game rental trial for games they would normally pay $60 or more for at GameStop, Wal-Mart or other game outlets!

  3. CPA & Affiliate Offers Combined

    Want to take your profits to the next level? Combine CPA and affiliate offers to really boost your income. Here’s an example:

    At the time of writing, BigPoint Games is paying $0.35 per leads + $1.30 for the first in-game currency sale + unlimited 20% commissions on the purchases for games Dark Orbit, Deep Polis, See Fight, Farmerama and more.


Note: All of the above examples were taken from www.cj.com and were valid at the time this letter was written.


Commission Junction, or www.cj.com, is just one of many networks that promote CPA and affiliate offers. Just a few of the many others include maxbounty.com, xy7.com, clickbooth.com and hydranetwork.com.


There are many more, including ClickBank.com, which has hundreds of game-related affiliate offers.


In other words, you should never run out of game-related offers to take advantage of and profit from!


So are you starting to see just how lucrative your game website can be? I certainly hope so! I simply can’t stress this enough – www.cj.com is just one of many sites that are absolutely loaded with game-related CPA, Affiliate and Combined offers that you can use to explode your income.


And wait, I’m not finished, you can also make money with Google AdSense.


  1. Google AdSense game-related ads

Remember, games are one of the top 5 most searched for subjects on all major search engines! With the right, optimized, game site your AdSense earnings could soar through the roof in no time.


But What Exactly is AdSense &

How Can It Benefit You?


AdSense is a program from Google that you can use to generate advertising revenue on your website – even while you sleep.


An AdSense business is perfect for people who don’t have the time to run a regular Internet business because they work full time or want to spend more time with their family or on vacation.


There are many differences between AdSense and a regular Internet business but the most important are, with an AdSense business:


-          You do not have to sell anything and deal with customer complaints, payment processing, refunds, etc.

-          You do not have to spend hours and hours trying to contact potential JV partners or deal with the frustration of rejection 99% of time, if not almost 100% of time

-          You do not have risk all the paid upfront money that’s involved in creating your own products, which usually includes paying a writer, a graphic designer and copywriters – without any guarantee that your product will sell at all

-          You do not have to spend days searching for your niche just to find out that almost all niches are already taken

-          And much more

Here’s how an AdSense business works:


Once accepted into the AdSense program, Google places ads from its advertisers on pages of your website. All the ads Google places on a page are related to the content on that page. This policy is a great deal for you because relevant ads not only improve your CPC and CPM volume, but they also help maintain the integrity of your site by keeping the content uniform.


In other words, your site will be populated with game-related ads that your visitors will be drawn to click on … which in turn will send profits flooding into your bank account.


You see, once the ads have been placed, when a visitor to your site clicks on one, you earn money from Google. You can also earn money from cost-per-1000-impressions (CPM) ads that pay to advertise on your site.


Take a look at what I earned through google adsense from just 2 of my games sites in August:



How Much Money Can Be Earned With In-Game Advertising, Affiliate Offers & Game-Related

CPA & AdSense Ads?


A lot … according to recent statistics.


  • The IDC reports that advertising revenue from sponsored services, in-game ads, and product placement in connected consoles will grow to $858 million in two years, with an 8.2% market share of online revenue.


  • Microsoft-owned in-game advertising firm Massive has announced that it saw double-digit year-on-year revenue growth.


  • The Yankee Group predicts the rapidly growing in-game advertising market will be worth $971.3 million in two years.


  • A recent study conducted by Nielsen Media Research on behalf of IGA, which surveyed over 1,300 PC gamers, found that 82 percent of consumers felt games were just as enjoyable with ads as without, while 60 percent said that ads caught their attention, made games more realistic and didn’t interrupt the experience

Meanwhile, AdSense revenue has continued to skyrocket and game-related ads are now one of the advertising mediums biggest revenue producers! 



So Are You Beginning to See Just How Powerful

a Gaming Website Could Be?


  • The $46.5 billion video game industry generates more annual revenue than Hollywood, according to edge-online.com.


  • “Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said recently that the video game market was poised for massive growth—a 50 percent increase over the next four years. Assuming that Guillemot isn't simply blowing fumée about his industry's growth potential … video games will soon eclipse both box office revenues and recorded music revenues combined.” – from an article on arstechnica.com



Also, recent statistics show that over 25% of Internet users play online games every week, which means there are over 300 million users worldwide. That’s a tremendous market just sitting there waiting for you to tap into it … and I’ve just shown you two fantastic ways you could earn money with your own game site.


I’ve even showed you what I’ve made with my own gaming site.


The truth is I’ve made tens of thousands of dollars from Google AdSense and while not all of it was from games in the past, the vast majority of my current AdSense revenue comes from gaming websites!


You see, today people want to play games both at home and at work to relax and for enjoyment. It’s created a huge demand for gaming sites.


Unfortunately, creating your own gaming site can be very difficult. Here are three reasons why:


  1. You have to pay for the site creation (or have the time and skill to do it yourself), which can be very expensive …


  1. And a big roadblock for most game-site owners is you have to pay for the bandwidth for your games (game files are very big and require a great deal of bandwidth), which can be very, very expensive … remember, this will be a monthly expense and the more successful you are the more bandwidth you’ll have to pay for!


  1. Finally, the biggest roadblock to becoming a successful game-site owner is you have to buy the rights to the games you want to provide, which can be very, very, very  expensive …


These three reasons have kept many marketers from profiting from game sites … but luckily for you there is now a solution to these common problems – AND, BEST OF ALL, IT’S FREE!


Introducing ExpressGameSite.com.


At Last, You Can Have Your Very Own Profitable

Game Site Quickly, Easily & for FREE!


At ExpressGameSite.com, we’ll provide you with your own FREE game site that includes 243 LEGAL games that you can use to draw people to your site and generate revenue through Google AdSense, CPA, game-related affiliate links and the powerful In-Game Advertisement Network.


I paid over $143,000 to secure the rights to these popular, high quality games … and now you can offer them all on your own website!


There is no other offer like this on the Internet!


In fact, I challenge you to find anything half as good at this. Where else can you get LEGAL games, a FREE website with games loaded on it and unlimited FREE bandwidth for game files?* NOWHERE ELSE – that’s where!


Here is like your game website will look like


In Short: Take Advantage of This Offer Today & You’ll Get a Fully-Functional & Professional Game Website That Has Everything You Need to Make

Tons of Money Built Right In!

Here’s the bottom line on this offer:


You should always be on the lookout for new revenue streams and ways to boost your income.

There are countless ways to make money online but, quite frankly, many are just too hard for most people to implement.

Thanks to ExpressGameSite.com, anyone, whether they have Internet experience or not, can put a gaming site online instantly that generates cash from a variety of sources including a powerful In-Game Advertisement Network and Google AdSense!


As I said earlier, games are one of the top five most searched for subjects on all the major search engines so with a high-quality game site your search engine rankings and traffic could soar through the roof in no time!


And yes, two paragraphs ago, I did say instantly. Your game site will be activated immediately. But I feel like I should warn you that while setup of your FREE game site is almost instantaneous, you must still point your domain name to our server.


Since I do not control when you point your domain name and how long it will take for your domain registrar to point your domain to our server, I cannot say for sure when you will have your site up and running and earning cash.


Pointing your domain name is simply beyond my control – but it is in your control!


Usually it takes about 24 hours for a registrar to point a domain name but sometimes it may take longer.


Also, I should point out that high search engine rankings simply don’t occur overnight. It’s been our experience that you should usually begin to see a traffic increase 2 to 3 months after you create a site.

As a result, this incredible offer may not be for everyone. You need to have patience and be prepared to wait two to three months to see results from search engine traffic.


But you can start immediately to profit from other sources of Internet traffic like social networking (facebook and others), PPC traffic, referral traffic, forum signature, thank you page traffic, offline to online traffic, advertisement traffic, classified ad traffic and most other ways of redirecting live people to your website!


Here Are Additional Benefits of Launching Your

Own FREE Express Game Site:


  • You can IMMEDIATELY tap into the search popularity of Internet games!


  • There are a large number of long tail keyword searches for specific games which are relatively easy to rank high for! (we cannot guarantee high rankings, of course)


  • You’ll get a website that is search-engine-optimized for easy indexing and high rankings (again we cannot guarantee high rankings)

  • Your site’s games will be displayed in random order each time the site is visited, which means two things: it will be almost impossible to have duplicate content and your site will always look fresh!

  • You’ll get 243 LEGAL games – I purchased the RIGHTS to all these games for over $163,000 … and now you can provide all these games on your own website … not to mention you will also be getting a professionally designed and AdSense-optimized website for no charge as well!


  • Your site will be customizable so you can add additional ads to the site with Google or even replace Google and have only custom ads if you wish

  • Your site will come with Google ad locations optimized to generate high click-through rates

  • You can easily add autoresponders to grab game players’ email addresses


  • You can generate even more income by selling on your site items that are game related!


  • And much, much more!


Following Are Examples of What Your Express Game Website performance stat look like:

Express Game Website is directly integrated with Google(r) Analytics. Below are screenshots from videos you have in your control panel.


So What Are You Waiting For?

Get Your FREE Express Game Site Today!


Order today and your express game site is FREE!


In addition, your site will be remotely hosted on our servers so you won’t have to worry about finding a suitable web host.


This is a HUGE benefit!


I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that game files are very large! Each time a player plays a game that big file must be downloaded to the player’s computer. These large game files are usually many megabytes each.

To give you a better understanding of feeling how much bandwidth can be used by a game site, just two of my game websites used about 17,460,000 MB (17,460 GB) in a single month!

Ask any hosting service how much money you would pay for this much bandwidth and you may quickly discover that you would be paying more for the bandwidth than you could possibly generate with your site!


But when you get a free game site from ExpressGameSite.com you don’t have to worry about any of this. You will NOT have to pay anything for the bandwidth needed to load game files because of our in-game network and the unique way we developed the site.*



That’s right, you’ll pay $0.00 Today for web hosting … and then after 7 days you pay a one-time set-up fee of $99.98 and then just $9.95 per month for the web hosting service.


You can’t beat this deal!


Try to build your own game site online and by the time you hire a professional web designer and launch the site you could easily spend over $3,500!


But here you’re getting your very own professional-looking, highly-effective game-loaded site for FREE!


Plus, my hosting service at $9.95 a month is a real steal … you would normally pay double this amount and not receive service that was even half as good!


Now, let me just say here, before I go any further, you’ll find a lot of website providers out there offering to give you a domain name as part of their “package” – but do you know how dangerous this “benefit” can be?


Many hosting companies and website creators end up trying to keep your domain name hostage as a way to make you continue to do business with them.


You could even end up losing your domain name. That’s right, many times people wake up one morning and their domain – and website - is gone! Completely vanished. How can this happen? Because the individual wasn’t listed as the registrant of the domain name – a third party was. To help prevent this from happening to you, you need to be the registrant for your domain name – like you will be when you get your FREE Express Game Website.


With us, you get your own domain name or use a current domain name you already have and just “point” that domain name to our server!


There is a huge demand for games today … which could allow you to generate huge traffic and huge profits … but first you’ve got to get your own high-quality game site!


Order Now & You’ll Also Receive

These Bonus Gifts FREE:


·        FREE Bonus Gift #1 – Full Flash Game Source Code

Why is this valuable? Because with this source code you can change the "Play More Games" link to your express affiliate website. Then you can submit the game to game portals to generate even more traffic back to your game site.

You see, the “Play More Games” link inside most flash games is a very important traffic source to game websites. Players who play a particular game on a game portal often look for similar games to play and most of them do this by clicking on the “Play More Games” link.


By changing the link in this game you’ll be able to legally redirect some of the traffic from high traffic game portals to your express game website!


Plus, with this bonus you don't need to know how to change the source code link yourself. I will reveal to you a secret website where you can get a games expert to do it for you for just $5 to $15 – a very nominal fee considering all the new traffic you will be generating!

Also, to ensure you that all of this is legal I will give you a copy of my legal agreement with the game developer that gives my company full rights to the game including its source code. Note: Please remember this … NEVER get a game from anybody without seeing who is the legal owner of the game!


I will also give you a license certificate that allows you to replace the “Play More Games” link and post the game to game portals legally.

·        FREE Bonus Gift #2 – My Secret List of Over 100 Games Portals


These are the very portals that I use to drive traffic to my yougame.com website.

Many of those portals have high traffic but are not well-known by game website owners. These sites will be ideal for you to redirect traffic from using the “Play More Games” as outlined in Bonus #1.


So What ARE You Waiting For?

Order Today!


Don’t miss this exciting offer! Get your FREE Express Game Website and get hosting for $0.00 Today and if you stay after 7-days, you pay only the one-time web hosting set-up fee ($99.98) and then just $9.95 a month.


Also, should you decide that the web hosting is not everything you expected, you can simply cancel during the 7-day free trial period and you won’t owe me a single penny!


That means you’ll have one full week to put your new game site to the test. Either explode your profits or you don’t pay me anything!



But Wait, Before You Order,

Here’s a Quick Word of Warning:


This is NOT a Get Rich Scheme!


Earning huge profits from a gaming website does not typically occur overnight.


To profit from this opportunity, you must be patient.


In fact, if you expect to make a lot of money instantly a FREE Express Game Site is NOT for you.


As you can see on the following in-game ads network screenshots the first month I ran my own Game Site with my games I made a whopping $1.47, the second month I made $106.83, then I made $220.55, then $530.03, then $950.56 and only in the sixth month did I pass the $1000 per month mark.


If anybody tells you that you can instantly make money from traffic to your game site it simply is not true.


But if you are patient you might be able to in time establish a very nice income stream for yourself.


For example, my top monthly earnings were $8,086.10 – and that is from in-game ads only, that figure does not include the additional thousands of dollars I made from Google AdSense ads placed around the games.


Now I know that for some big marketers the 6k-10.5k per month I get now from my game site is nothing … but I think most people would appreciate having that extra income coming in.


Just think what you could do with an extra $1,000 to $10,500 per month. Just think of the “extras” you could afford. Just think of the bills you could pay off.


Now stop imagining and make those dreams a reality by getting your own FREE Express Game Site today!


To secure your site, simply click on the Activate Website Now button below:



Warning: Because of server capacity limitations I can only give away limited number of Game Portal Websites. I may close this offer at any time. Make sure to activate it now.





To Your Success

Cody Moya & Andrew Y



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